Pre-Orders Available for iPhone from T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced that cellphone users can now pre-order iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s for only $99 directly from T-Mobile. According to Tuaw the pre-order run of T-Mobile for iPhone 5 launched yesterday and phones will begin to ship to its customers on Friday April 12. So mobile phone consumers can now pre-order the iPhone 5 starting at $99. This $99 charge will come with a locked two year contract with T-Mobile at a $20 initial each month.

An alternative way is that you can bring your factory unlocked iPhone and use T-Mobile’s LTE services without a contract, which is probably the most levelheaded choice on the table being offered by T-Mobile. Yesterday, Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch elucidated that, for the first quarter of the year, T-Mobile has picked up 579,000 new users — a positive, early response to its “Un-carrier” campaign — no long contracts, lots of phones you can buy upfront. Now you can get a cheap iphone from T-mobile.

Evren Elveren

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