Selecting the Best iPad Cases

The iPad is a powerful tool for business or for pleasure, and because of that it is a bit of an investment; and while we would hardly call it fragile, it doesn’t take too much force to render the device useless. Using a case for the iPad is a great idea to provide a little protection. Cases can be made of anything it seems: leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, even cork. Their prices, too, can be anywhere on the map; some of them can be had for as low as $20 and some are nearly as expensive as the iPad itself. Here a few of the best iPad cases available:

image0011. HardGraft Tilt. (approx. $142) – Sleek, lightweight, protective, but also functioning as a stand, the Tilt is a classy product. Likely a little more expensive than it needs to be, but it is certainly not exorbitantly priced and since it holds up well over time, it is still a good value.


2. Lifeproof Nüüd ($120) – Hard to beat, the Lifeproof brand is quickly gaining a reputation for making some of the best iPad cases. It features a nearly invisible screen protector and is 100% waterproof and dirt proof, even where the ports connect. Practically guaranteed to extend the life of your device.


image0023. Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case ($100)  – Functions not only as a case for the iPad, but also has a well-designed keyboard, giving iPad users a great laptop experience. The keyboard also folds unobtrusively behind the pad to provide the “original” iPad experience for users, and though it is not fully protective of the iPad does have some durability from the outside. At $100, this product is a great bargain.

4. Griffin Outfit Hard Shell ($29.99 or less) – No frills, but it is hard to beat the price tag. Provides a standard level of protection from scrapes and dings and, for bargain-basement shoppers, is a tremendous deal. Snatch one up while they are around.

Whatever case you decide to use, make sure to do your research. The best iPad cases in general are going to be multifunctional or be top-rated in at least one category of performance (i.e. protection, function, appearance). The popularity of iPads has given rise to thousands of accessory companies, and some of them are just cashing in on a hot market. Make sure to get a product that, above all, protects the larger investment, otherwise it too will be a waste of money.


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