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Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone? – The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Jailbroken iPhone

You’ve probably heard already of various methods of jailbreaking an iPhone, and you might have been tempted at least once to use a jailbreaking tool to unleash the full power of your device and break free from some of the restraints imposed by iOS. What stopped you was the fear that you could lose your iPhone warranty and mess up the device.

5Whether or not you should jailbreak your iPhone depends on why you want to do it. Do the advantages that a jailbroken iPhone brings outweight the disadvantages? It’s up to you to decide.

The Advantages of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

✔     Download files from the web directly from Safari.

✔     Add a file manager to your device, a feature not available otherwise.

✔     Customize various aspects of iOS to make it more powerful and beautiful.

✔     Access other app stores from where you can grab free apps.

✔     Transfer files between devices with bluetooth.

✔     Increase or decrease the volume.

✔     Install powerful apps that are not available in the App Store.

All these great advantages might tempt you to jailbreak your iPhone right now. But before you try anything, learn the disadvantages as well.

The Disadvantages of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

✗     Lose the warranty. You usually won’t be able to repair a jailbroken iPhone in an Apple store. Sometimes you can revert the jailbreak, but it can be a tricky procedure, at the end of which the warranty can still be lost.

✗     Reduce the stability of iOS and bring about the failure of various device and application features.

✗     Increase the number of application crashes.

✗     Make Wi-Fi and other connections less reliable.

✗     Increase the memory load, reducing the performance of the device.

✗     Experience various interface problems especially after iOS upgrades.

✗     Become a target for hackers.


So, should you jailbreak your iPhone or not? Jailbreaking is not for everyone. It has undeniable advantages and ultimately makes your device more powerful, but for the average user who is not a tech expert, dealing with any problems that might occur can be quite frustrating. If you’re geeky though, the temptation to jailbreak might be too hard for you to resist…

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