Spendee: Keep Track of your Finances with this Little iPhone App

If your cash survives just from one paycheck to another and you hate keeping a log of every little thing, here is Spendee, a cool little app that will keep track of things without making you go into boring details.

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This one here is a minimalist app. It has a white background with soft colored icons and gray text. Its Feed section shows your income and expenses in a list form. In the Overview section, you can see an infograph of where the money went. There are different categories that are color coded to make things easier for you.


It is very simple to use, and this is why has become popular among businesspeople as well as students. Just start by adding a new item. Tap the (+) sign on the screen. Then add the amount and specify if it is income or expense. Now tap on Next.

It’s the time to add categories. Tap the icon that best suits the transaction. For example, if you are going to get a haircut, add it to “Family and Personal”. And if you made a few extra dollars by selling your old bike, add it to “Extra income”.

That’s it – you’re done! However, if you want, you can add more details to the transaction. You can specify if it’s a repetitive entry like each workweek, every 2 months, or every year, etc. You can even set reminders if the due date of a payment has reached. This feature is great for recurring bills.

And that’s not all – you can even add notes to transactions, and photos of checks and bills for later reference.

After adding a transaction, you can go to the Feed section, from where you can delete or edit the transactions. Visit the Overview section and you’ll be able to adjust the dates being displayed on your infograph. Here you can make changes in the view and go from a month view to a full year view. There are other viewing options as well.

The good

It is very simple to use, and acts as a perfect finance tracker. Just enter a number and select the right category. The remaining work is handled by the app.

The bad

It doesn’t show your account balance, which can be a problem sometimes. Plus it doesn’t allow you to filter transactions, which can make searching a bit difficult at times.


Spendee can be yours for just $1.99, which is pretty reasonable considering the options it provides. You can add your income and expenses and get to know how to manage your finances better. Besides, it looks really great.

Aleksandra Mednikova

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