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iPad Pro Specs

iPad Pro Specs

iPad Pro, Apple’s newest and largest tablet, is now finally available. The device is a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet and it delivers far more than just a larger screen. While iPad Pro may not replace your laptop, it can surely complement it. The giant iPad comes with a number of great features. To help you learn more about it, we’ve gathered the iPad Pro specs that will make your experience worthwhile.Read More »iPad Pro Specs

iPad Pro Release Date, News and Rumors

IPad pro – a brief introduction

Well, iPad pro is recently one of the hottest topics and it has to be, at least by looking at the specifications and the other related features of the gadget. It is basically a giant version of the iPad Air and has a screen size of 12.9 inches when measured corner to corner. Comparing with the screen size of iPad Air, the screen size is only 9.7 inches.Read More »iPad Pro Release Date, News and Rumors