The basics of iPhone Wireless Charging

The basics of iPhone wireless charging

One of the biggest issues the iPhone – and any powerful smart phone, really – has to contend with on a regular basis is providing enough battery life and juice to do everything that we want to do. Most of us find that we can get through a day of light iPhone use on just a single charge, but throw in some productivity apps, and a lot of phone calls or text messages, watching all of our favorite streaming content, or even just listening to music can really put a drain on our batteries. This requires jacking into a power source at any and every opportunity, always keeping a charging cord handy just in case we need an emergency re-up.


But that is all about to change with the breakthrough in iPhone wireless charging solutions that are right around the corner. One of them is PowerMat for iphone. All you’re gonna need is your iPhone and PowerCube universal receiver that fits almost any device with the PowerMat. PowerMat wireless charger comes with a PowerCube receiver at a price of $79.99.

Yes, Android has already had these technologies integrated for a while now – but iPhone looks to change the game once again.

Because of the locked down and supertight nature of everything involving Apple products and the iPhone in particular it’s very rare that we see the first wave of latest and greatest technology that Android devices (who are far less discriminating) are able to. Sure, this means that we are a little bit late to the boat when it comes to wireless charging – and some other features – but Apple almost always rolls out the most perfect implementation of all these technologies after we see where the pioneers get the arrows in their back.

Requiring you to really strip out some of the guts of your iPhone to implement a new battery and charging platform on the back of your case (not something recommended for those who don’t have any technical skills or knowledge), you’ll probably want to wait until the iPhone wireless charging system has been integrated into its NexGen handset. This will probably rollout with the iPhone 6 (if any of the patents that have already been recorded by Apple are any indication), but no later than the iPhone 7 as many Android handsets already have this technology built right in. Essentially using a wireless charging dock that kind of looks like an orb – or any other aftermarket feature that you can invest in as well as charging hopes that will be centrally located in public areas – all you have to do is be close to an electrical source and you can reboot and power up your device without having to tell any wires around whatsoever. Sounds pretty cool? We know – and we are just as excited as you!

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