The iPhone 6: What to Expect

Apple products have been the world’s favorite smart mobile devices for ages now. There is always a nail biting suspense whenever Apple is going to launch a new product. Attribute it to their extraordinary design values or the legendary Steve Jobs’ showmanship, Apple products really sell like hot cakes as soon as they are launched.

The iPhone 5 was the first major product that hit the market after the passing of Jobs. As was expected by some, the iPhone 5 wasn’t much of a technological leap forward as the previous ones. In fact it was just a fractionally longer and scratch-prone version of the previous devices.

Naturally, the audience’s interest is amplified in the possible next version of the iPhone. Some label it the iPhone 5S, while the others call it the iPhone 6. Many rumors surround the next iPhone. Apple is not making any promises right now, but Tim Cook did mention that the next iPhone will take the iPhone 5 off our minds. However, let’s try to dispel some wild rumors that have sprung up.

iPhone 6

First of all, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s are two completely different phones. Right from the first iPhone- the 3G itself- Apple has always launched an intermediary model before the launch of the next step. We know it as the ‘S’ model, as we saw in the 3GS and 4S. This would suggest that Apple might take another half-step, possibly the iPhone 5S.

It is not yet known if Apple will follow the tradition and launch the iPhone 5s or take a different step this time and launch the iPhone 6. The release date is also open for speculation. Most people would like to see a new phone coming out this year; however, a number of experts predict that a new iPhone will not hit the market before 2014. As far as my views are concerned, we may see the iPhone 5S this spring and the iPhone 6 might make an appearance next autumn.

There have been talks about a possible plastic casing design as well. It is yet unclear whether this will be the next iPhone or a new budget-sensitive smartphone to replace the now archaic 3GS and iPhone 4. The great news is that the iPhone will finally have NFC. A majority of the Android devices boast heavily about NFC, so Apple does have a fingerprint enabled phone in the works. With new design lines, increased production values, and more manufacturing plants cropping up, Apple sure is making all the right moves to announce their next generation of iPhones.

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