The most Popular iPad Accessories

iPad accessories can turn the iPad from an ordinary tablet into an extraordinary tablet. There are numerous accessories available, and each serves a different purpose and function. Soon after the original iPad was released in 2010 developers and designers quickly went to work towards creating, designing and producing many different types of accessories. The most popular iPad accessories include cases, keyboards, speakers and headrest mounts.

iPad Cases

Protecting your iPad is important because of the high costs associated with purchasing a new one or repairing a damaged one. Purchasing an iPad case is a quick, easy and economical way to protect your iPad and keep it in good shape. Cases some in all types of varieties, although for best protection look for cases made of polycarbonate. Some cases also double as keyboards with a protective case on the backside and an integrated keyboard on the front. Here are the 2 most popular iPad case picks from iPhonePedia:

  • STM Grip for iPad – Carry and protect your iPad (iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation) with the STM grip, a sleek and slim fitted case with two kickstand settings for typing and viewing. Protective construction fends off dents, dings and scratches with a snap-on hard-shell exterior and softly lined interior. Easily accessible control buttons and device ports.
  • Belkin Cinema Folio – Cinema Folio has multiple viewing angles and with a snap in corners holding your new iPad securely in place and keep it safe from damage.
  • belkin-cinema-folio

    iPad Keyboards

    Keyboards for the iPad were released soon after people found the virtual keyboard was difficult to type on like a regular keyboard. People needed something that resembled a physical keyboard so they could type longer emails and compose longer documents without straining their hands. Almost all the keyboards connect to the iPad via Bluetooth technology, and there are a variety of different keyboard styles and variations available. Some incorporate a protective case on the backside so you essentially receive two accessories in one. For the best iPad Keyboard picks from iPhonePedia click here.

    iPad Speakers

    While the audio quality of the iPad is good in its own right, sound perfectionists who listen to a lot of music may prefer to purchase separate iPad speakers. iPad speakers are connected either by Bluetooth or with a USB cable. Using speakers for your iPad will improve the sound quality immensely and allow you to hear all ranges and tones in the music you’re listening to. Click here for some good products for the job.

    iPad Headrest Mounts

    A headrest mount for your iPad allows you to mount your iPad on the back of the headrests in your vehicle. This is extremely useful for families that have kids in the backseat who may become restless on long trips. The iPad can be setup to play any type of music, TV show or movie so your children in the back of the vehicle can stay entertained during the journey. There are numerous styles available – some use Velcro straps while others use different mounting systems to keep the iPad in place while the vehicle is moving. Let’s take a look at some of the 2 finest iPad headrest mounts;

  • Arkon’s Headrest Mount – It is an elegant headrest mount solution that attaches to the car’s headrest posts. The mount consists of two core components, a high-quality universal headrest mount and a custom holder for the New iPad (iPad 3) and iPad 2. A good entertainment accessory for your backseat.
  • arkon-headrest-mount

  • SIIG Headrest Mount for iPad – This one can be quickly and securely installed into any car with adjustable headrests, turning your iPad into a large screen in-car entertainment system.
  • SIIG-headrest-mount

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