The top 10 iPhone Spy Apps

The top 10 iPhone spy apps

Contact Spy – Don’t know who was behind that number that just called you but are desperate to find out? All you have to do is say that number into your contact list and run it through the Contact Spy search engine and you’ll be able to find out exactly who it was. You can also punch in a name (first or last, or both) and be provided instantly with their phone number – critical stuff.

Call Log Pro – A voice recorder app that allows you to record the phone calls you’re making, you need to understand the legality’s of using this specific tool before you jump right in with both feet.

Spy Gizmos – A secure and fun way to communicate with friends, this turns all of your text messages into a cipher message that needs a key to be broken.

Self Destructing Message – Just like the tools used in Mission Impossible, this creates a timer that will “blow up” the message you sent and deleted after the amount of time that you have determined.

Best Secret Folder – Allowing you to create a locked down secure file folder to put whatever you want inside of, this is ridiculous protection that you can count on.

GPS Location Tracker – Allowing you to track wherever your cell phone goes even when it’s not on or running.

Spy Recorder – Working as a traditional voice recorder would, you’ll be able to secretly and confidentially begin recording any and all conversations you have with just the flick of a button – or even schedule them ahead of time.

Secret Voice – Allowing you to completely and totally change your voice while you are recording a message – just like you used to see in all of these old school spy movies – this app is a lot of fun but can also be useful when you don’t want people to know who’s leaving a message.

Night Recorder – Allowing you to leave your phone unattended in a room without having to worry about it recording on a continuous basis when nothing’s going on, this will only begin recording when a loud enough sound has been created in the room.

Top Secret Audio Recorder – Working similar to many of the other audio recorders on this list, this one makes it look like you are taking a picture while really at the same time recording everything and anything that’s going on around.

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