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Top 5 iPhone Karaoke Apps

Karaoke has long been a favorite at bars, social gatherings, parties or anywhere else there is a large group of people congregated. Karaoke involves singing the lyrics to popular songs with the beat of the music, in an attempt to see who has the best (and worst) singing voice. The Karaoke phase hasn’t been looked over on the iPod and iPhone as evidenced by the numerous karaoke apps that were released shortly after the devices were released. Discover the top 5 iPhone karaoke apps for the by reading on.

Karaoke Anywhere

This app costs $1.99, which, when compared to its amazing offering of over 10,000 live and streaming songs is quite the bargain. The app includes a wide array of features including the ability to assemble custom playlists with your favorite songs, the ability to output your screen to your TV, allowing everybody to sing along. You can also change the key in which the music is played, allowing for both men and women to sing their favorite songs.

StarMaker: Karaoke

As a free app on iTunes StarMaker: Karaoke is a fairly popular app designed to singing your favorite songs to the exact beat. You must purchase a separate subscription in addition to the app itself. Your subscription gives you access to hundreds of popular and hit songs that you can download onto your device and sing along to.

Sing! Karaoke

The Sing! Karaoke app allows you to sing along with your favorite songs from the top artists around the world. It incorporates a community system that allows you to find your friends and sing along with them, and even have singing competitions to determine once and for all who the best singer is. The app includes voice filters which allow you to change and modify your voice for even more laughter and excitement.


This is a free app that includes free content and the ability to sing any along with all of your favorite YouTube songs. There are hundreds of free songs available, and more can be purchased if you want to expand your selection. Share your talent with your friends on Facebook for easy community integration.


iKaraoke is a dedicated karaoke app that allows you to sing along with your favorite songs. Lyrics are displayed right on your iPod or iPhone, and you can sing into the microphone for maximum fun and entertainment with friends.

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