Unveiling the Hidden Watermark on iPhones: The New Verification Method!

The global market for replica devices has been steadily growing, whether they are Android or iOS compatible. Scammers seem to be producing and selling replicas of almost every device. In addition to this, brands have been developing different methods for both consumer protection and easy differentiation of devices. Apple has introduced one such method in the iPhone 15 series.

Distinguishing Original Products: The Discovered Hidden Watermark on iPhone 15 Boxes!

If you’re considering purchasing an iPhone 15 recently, you might want to order a UV light alongside it. The reason is, a hidden watermark has been discovered on the boxes of the iPhone 15 series. Thanks to this watermark, you can determine whether the device is original or not without even opening the box.

Scammers attempt to sell fake iPhones using device packaging that has copied serial numbers. To eliminate this practice, Apple has added a new invisible watermark system. A prominent Apple products influencer on Twitter, Maijin Bu (@MaijinBuOfficial), shared a striking video related to this. In the video, a user showcases the watermark on the iPhone 15 box using UV light.

Safeguarding Your iPhone 15 Purchase: Tips for Authenticity

Now, customers shopping from major retailers won’t need to worry about the authenticity of the devices. However, the resale market and smaller sellers provide more opportunities for scams. This means consumers might still face issues. It’s worth remembering that when Apple moved away from using sealed boxes with plastic wrap, some sellers resorted to sealing opened boxes shut with two adhesive strips.

If you have doubts, check the device’s serial number and ensure it matches the number on the box. Also, examine the box closely for any issues or tampering that could indicate fraud. In other cases, reaching out to Apple can help prevent others from falling victim to scams.

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