What is iCloud and how you can Benefit from It

We are answering maybe the popular question in this year, what is iCloud? iCloud is the largest and most used cloud computing service available. It was launched by Apple in October of 2011 and it allows users to store files, music and iOS applications on secure cloud servers so they can be accessed and retrieved later. The service also allows all data including email, app settings and preferences, calendars, bookmarks, notes and other things to be automatically synced between all Apple and Windows devices as long as there is an internet connection.

When first iCloud Started

Originally launched as iTools way back in 2000, iCloud started as out as a way for Mac users to organize their contacts, notes and calendars in an easy to use interface. The program later relaunched as .Mac in 2002 and became MobileMe in 2008. MobileMe is the direct predecessor to iCloud and it offered many of the same services that iCloud currently offers. iCloud was launched on October 12th, 2011. It offers many services and features that are similar to the previous brand of MobileMe.
The original idea behind iCloud was to offer users a safe, convenient and easy way to store and access all of their information from one location. Because the servers are located on the internet the personal information can be accessed anywhere with just a password from any device. The purpose of iCloud was to allow people access to their information quickly and easily, and to be able to sync all their information into one location.

iCloud Features

iCloud has numerous features that make it one of the largest and most popular cloud-based storage systems in use today. Users must create an account on the official website, and after that they can access the plethora of features available. Some of the notable features include Find my Friends, which is a feature that allows users to locate their friends anywhere on the planet using the location of their cell phone. Find my iPhone is another feature that is popular among users. If your iPhone is ever lost or stolen it can be traced to its exact location using the built-in GPS in the iPhone.


Despite iCloud’s popularity and success, it does face some competition. Its most notable competitor is DropBox, which is a free (or paid) service that allows for the storage of files and other information in a cloud based environment. DropBox is different in that it is open to all users no matter what operating system or device they are using.

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