When to Buy the iPhone 5

Ever since the iPhone 5 was released in late 2012 many people have upgraded from previous iterations of the iPhone to the newest model. Deciding when to buy the iPhone 5 can be a difficult decision for most people, especially if they already have a previous version such as the iPhone 4 or 4s that is still in perfect operating condition.

After Contract Expires

Many people have contracts with major cellular providers that run on a monthly or yearly basis. When the contract expires they are often offered incentives to re-up their contract. One of these benefits is the ability to purchase a new phone for a steeply discounted price. While the iPhone 5 retails for almost $650, it can be purchased for as low as $250 if you combine it with the renewal of your cell phone contract. If you have a contract that is about to expire, contact your wireless provider and inquire about discounts you may be entitled to towards the purchase of an iPhone 5.

Sales and Discounts

Oftentimes phone retailers will have discounts and other promotions in an effort to clear out old inventory. While the iPhone 5 is currently the latest iPhone model, there are oftentimes promotions from retailers in an effort to get people to purchase the phone. Some of these promotions come in the form of a certain percentage off discount, while others require you to bundle certain items or start a contract with a cellular provider. Purchasing an iPhone 5 during a retailer promotional period is a great way to get a new iPhone 5 for a discounted price.

Rumors of a New Model

The price of the old model of iPhone has almost always historically dropped when rumors, either confirmed or speculative have surfaced about a new iPhone model. While the current iPhone 5 model was released only about 6 months ago, Apple has consistently released about 2 new models each year. Many industry pundits believe the iPhone 5S will precede the iPhone 6, and that the 5S model will be released sometime in the late spring or early summer of 2013. If Apple follows their previous release history the iPhone 6 will be expected sometime in the fall of 2013, perhaps September or October. The price of the iPhone 5 will almost certainly decrease as the rumor mill heats up about the future iPhone model and when it will be released.

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