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Which Carrier to Use With iPhone

While the iPhone has been regarded as the most influential cell phone of the world has ever seen to this point in time – having a literal stranglehold on the smart phone market after it single-handedly helped to create this wave of devices in the first place – it’s become quite difficult to figure out exactly which carrier you should have your iPhone on for a number of reasons.

Obviously, the phone itself is the same across the board – but the service that you’ll be able to enjoy is anything but uniform across the three major carriers in the United States. We’re talking of course about Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Each of them has their own pros and cons as to which one you may wish to move forward with, and this is a decision you cannot take lightly.

Which Carrier to Use With iPhone


Widely regarded as the biggest of all the major United States cellular networks, Verizon has a robust and reliable network and had many people have come to feel is the most complete in the nation. Offering coverage in areas that other phones simply can’t, there is a very real reason that they have millions and millions more customers as an almost anyone else.
On the other hand, because of the gigantic stature of the network – as well as the fact that it is on the CDMA platform rather than the global standard GSM technology – new innovations are pretty far and few between which can cripple your iPhone.


Considered to be the very best network to have an iPhone on up until a year or so ago, AT&T is also a very robust network but it relies on the GSM technology that allows you to use a single iPhone on cellular networks all over the world just by flipping out the SIM card that is included. The reason that it’s not the titan for the iPhone that it used to be is because they have done away with their unlimited data plans, choking the iPhone in the same way that Verizon has as well. What good is a smart phone if you have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month to access all of the critical features?


The smallest of the big three wireless networks in the United States, Sprint is the only platform to still promise 100% unlimited data on your iPhone regardless of which plan you decide to move forward with. This, and this alone, is well worth investigating whether or not Sprint is available in your local area or the areas that you plan to travel and just because of the rock-bottom price you’ll be able to enjoy for unlimited data.

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