With 1Password, You Will Never Have to Remember Your Passwords Again

With the new 1Password app, you can easily keep track of the login names and passwords of all your online accounts. This is a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini and available separately for Windows and Mac. This popular app works towards reducing the stress levels associated with trying to memorize hordes of login details.


Like most people, you may not even be sure of the number of online accounts you own. When you actually sit down to enter all your accounts into the app, you’ll realize the huge number of passwords and usernames you’re actually remembering. With 1Password, you can have true peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to forget any password ever again.


Along with keeping track of online login details, 1Password can be made to generate highly secure passwords, track online profiles that can be automatically entered into websites, secure software keys, notes, and credit card details. All these features can be easily accessed from any device using a few taps or keystrokes.

Let’s understand how things work

Firstly, there’s an encrypted database which stores all your information – login details, online profiles, software keys, and credit card information etc. You choose a master password which protects all your information. Since it gives access to many of your online accounts, make sure this password is highly secure and top secret. You can choose whether you want the database synced between devices or hosted on a single device.


There’s a built in fully functional mobile browser in iOS apps that allows you to automatically pull out login details and other protected information when required. Just open up a website and press two buttons to enter the login information for that site automatically. You can copy the login details for entry into other apps or sites on your mobile’s Safari browser. If your database is synced with other devices, whenever you update a password or login name, it is recorded on all devices. If you’re using the app on a Mac or PC, you can install plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to make all your logins for different websites available using a few keystrokes.

You can generate high security passwords of 50 characters using the password generating feature. If an account needs extra security, you can change your password every few months without having to worry about forgetting it once you’ve noted it in the 1Password App.

This app is slightly higher priced than the typical apps but it makes sense to pay a bit to ensure the best levels of encryption and security of online accounts. For the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini the app is priced at $17.99 and for Mac, it costs $49.99.

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